Wednesday, February 7, 2018

40 Lessons

So I am in the last 45 minutes of my 30s as I type this.  I've been thinking a lot lately about this past decade of ups and downs, and the decades before.  My son teases that 40 is halfway to 80 and since most people die around then I'm halfway to a goner. But I told him, if my next 40 years are anything like these last 40, I'm okay with that.  The highs were great, the lows were awful, and the moments in between kept me going.

So in the spirit of positive perspective, I decided to write 40 lessons I've learned along the way and maybe these words can help someone else.  They are in no particular order, except the first one....


1 - Always remember you are in control of nothing, but God is on your side so trust him.

2 - There is no failing, it is simply finding out what doesn't work.

3 - Give yourself credit, you have your s#$% together more than you think.

4 - BUDGET! Take the time to learn about money and revel in the joy of no debt.

5 - The right song can heal your heart more than any hours spent on a therapist's couch

6 - Know what you deserve and go for it, what others say be damned.

7 - Eating an entire carton of ice cream should not be considered dinner, portion control yo!

8 - Find perfection in your imperfections, love every bit of you

9 - You may stumble, and maybe throw a tantrum now and then, but then get the hell up!

10 - Save the drama for your not really, she don't wanna deal with it either

11 - Respect your elders, surprisingly, doesn't seem to apply when you use it on your siblings

12 - Allow yourself to make mistakes, it's in the mess you can find the message

13 - Never start a fight you can't finish, or if you do make sure you can outrun them

14 - Real love has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with acceptance with your clothes on

15 - Buy the damn purse - You know you want it, if you can afford it in your budget, BUY IT!

16 - Stay away from Tequila Rose ... nuff said

17 - You can have roots and wings, stretch them both

18 - Don't let fear hold you back from anything....unless its life threatening, then forget this one

19 - Put down the phone and enjoy the view without the filters....the real thing is so much prettier

20 - Darkness may try to get you, but never lose the light inside of you - you will make it through, I promise

21 - Don't be afraid to break the rules once in awhile, especially if they are rules you put in place

22 - Dance like no one is watching, odds are they are all drunk too and won't remember tomorrow

23 - Cherish the memories and lessons of the amazing people in your life, their wisdom is eternal even if they are not.

24 - Stop coming off as anti-social, break out of your shyness and show people the real you

25 - Read your heart out....never stop reading and dreaming and imagining

26 - Always believe in the power of your dreams, believe even moreso in your ability to achieve them

27 - A good bra does wonders, even if it's expensive, get it!

28 - Always find time to go fishing...even if the fish ain't biting

29 - Take the scenic route...ALWAYS!!

30 - Ask for advice, but always go with your gut

31 - Words are not just letters on a page, they are spoken and felt in the heart...they have power, weld that power carefully

32 - The canister of cinnamon rolls will not kill you, get over that fear sh#$

33 - lock your doors, lock your car, but never lock your heart

34 - make "What Would Dolly Do?" your mantra much sooner in life!

35 - You are only as old as you keep ice packs, hot packs, and ibuprofen on hand at all times

36 - Never give up on the possibility of miracles....they will change your life

37 - Surround yourself with boldly, wear the hot pink like Beyonce is your middle name!

38 - Remember we are all just trying to figure out this journey we are each on, cut others some slack

39 - Find the good in every day, but most especially on the worst of days

40 - You didn't come this far, to only come this keep going!


Amy Miller

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