Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost There

My momentum is picking up as of late.  I realized the other night that I am past the half way point in the final edits for FINDING HOME.  That means the end of this phase is near.  All I can say is FINALLY!!! It’s taken 2 ½ years to get here, but before I know it I can add the hat of “published romance writer” to my hat rack.

I find it kind of funny really.  So many times you think you will never “get there” only to find out how close ‘there’ really is.  Case in point, for the last few months I’ve been in a funk.  We’ve all been in them before (even the peppy people we just want to slap have been down before, otherwise they wouldn’t really know what being up is about).  Anyways, this funk of mine was the compiling kind.  I was feeling this, which made me think this, which then made me feel that – you get the picture.  Serenity seemed out of reach, at least for another few months.

Yet in one day I not only crawled out of the funk, I actually lept back on track.  Now my family will all vouch that I am not normal and like to do things considered ‘out of the box’.  But sometimes looking outside is just what is needed.  I found what I was looking for last week with a visit to this great place in Sylvania, Ohio called Harmony in Life.  That is where I received a reiki session and I have to say I feel healed, or at least on my way to healing.

For those who don’t know what reiki is, I strongly suggest you at least look into it.  It is energy work that helps unblock anything that could be holding you back – from a health standpoint or even a mental barrier.  I knew I was a bundle of gunk going in, but I came out feeling much better.  And you better believe I will be going for a tune-up more often than 7 years!

Reiki is one of my things.  What is yours?  What is that thing that helps you get back on track? To regain sight of your goals?  What gives you clarity?  For everyone it is different, that is the beauty of free will. 

I encourage anyone who reads this to find that special something that will help you stay the course long enough to finally “get there”.  Good luck along the way, I’ll see you around the bend!

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  1. I've always been interested in reiki; I just don't like my feet being touched for some reason (lol). Glad it made you feel so well.

    Let me know the publication date of Finding Home (when you are at that point), and I'll post it on my little blog's calendar of events. Every little bit helps, right?

    As always, happy writing (or in this case, rewriting)!



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