Thursday, August 11, 2011


I love that word. I love being and feeling tenacious.  Some choose to see the meaning as synonymous with stubbornness or being opinionated.  I see it as persistence and being tough enough to hang in there to reach a goal. 

I read this great article today that really hit home that when you know what you want, never settle, never give up.  Too many times in life I can see where I have abandoned my tenacity.   This is really a shame when you think about it.  I’ve let fear deter me from my course - or courses if you look at how many times I’ve changed my life.

I tell myself that fear is nothing more than false events appearing real.  It is nothing more than my overactive imagination expecting the worst. It doesn’t help that I’ve lived by that motto most of my life – hope for the best but expect the worst.  I think it’s safe to say the saying has done more harm than good.

Each day I don’t write, I allow fear to grow stronger.  However, if I were to sit and list the fears I would see how laughable most are.  At that point I would run out of excuses not to finish what I’ve started. 

A great case in point is the aforementioned article which tells how another writer was rejected 60 times before she found an agent who had faith in her writing.  Those 60 morons are probably kicking themselves now that she’s not only the best selling author of The Help but that the book is about to be released as a movie starring Emma Stone in theaters this weekend!

I have only been rejected once with my writing.  The second time doesn’t count because of a technicality.  It wasn’t my fault the publisher changed their submissions guidelines while my query letter was being sent! But then the Tenacious Amy came out and I thought, ‘why am I allowing someone else to decide if and when my book gets published?’ 

Hence the self-publishing route I am now on.  In my persistent drive I have not only cut out the middleman, but I have also cut away any safety net to catch me.  It’s me, standing alone, with my goal in sight at the other end of this tight rope.  One false move and I could lose it. Or I can take one step at a time and know every inch, as small and insignificant as it feels some times, is still leading me toward my desired destination.

So go ahead and call it stubbornness or even stupidity if you’d like.  Because really, what kind of living can you make off writing cheap romance novels for lonely women? 

To you, my friend, I say have a look at the numbers.  The romance genre is one of the industries to have actually GROWN during this recession.  People like to believe there is hope, even if it comes in fiction form.  So they are who I write for, they are who see themselves in my heroines.  The strong, vivacious, and tenacious women I create on paper may seem fake to some, but I know otherwise.  They reflect me, my family and my friends - my tenacious clan of women.

As The Foundation for a Better Life would sayTENACITY. Pass it on!

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