Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dream come true ...

The last few weeks since the launch of FINDING HOME have been a whirlwind.  I am still in shock that I am finally published, that all that hard work really was for something.  Today I got a large shipment of books, for the purpose of book signings or prizes in contests or whatever.  It was the first time I've seen the completed copy.  With the exception of one error (Chapter Eighteen doesn't start on a new page), I am over the moon with it.  My father laughed off the error saying Patricia Cornwell does the same thing and so did the Bible. I guess if it's ok in either of those then people can forgive me for the booboo. 

Holding the final copy in my hands, seeing my face on the back cover, well it finally sunk in for me that I had reached my goal.  Of course I won't stop at just one book.  I have over a dozen more to write and then some once I am through with those.  But for this moment, I am in awe of my accomplishment.  The Virginia Slims slogan is true, "I've come a long way, Baby!"

These characters have almost become real to me.  I can see them so vividly and relate to them so much.  Maybe it helps that when I was writing  I tried picturing the story as an ABC Family/Lifetime style movie.  The contemporary romantic comedy that makes you laugh at the funny moments and tugs at your heart in the difficult ones.  The story that gives you hope to trust and love.  And it gives those single women a chance to fantasize about someone like Damien coming into their lives.  Of course when I picture Damien I see Denny from Grey's Anatomy, which really helps the visualizing ;).

For now I am moving onto the next book (TAKING CHANCES), but my time with Avery and Damien on the beaches of La Jolla isn't over just yet.  In the coming year I will return to help my favorite Latin Lothario (Officer Trent Torres) find his own flame.  And a year after that the tough loving lawyer (Mitch) will find his own happiness.   All these men fall for Mid-western girls starting anew on the West Coast, hence the name of this book series California Dreaming.

I hope you enjoy FINDING HOME and stay with me on this journey as this is not the end but just another day to live my dreams and make them come true!

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