Friday, September 9, 2011

Speak to Me

We all have something that speaks to us, something that touches a place deep in our hearts and souls.  I have a lot of things that speak to me: The peacefulness of sitting on the shores of the lake while the wind blows through the trees, the tranquility speaks to me.  The pure laughter of children as they sing and dance to their favorite song on the radio, the joy speaks to me.

Something else that also speaks to me is seeing others express themselves.  Maybe it is the artistic creative side of me that is drawn or I think more so it is the humanitarian in me (all part of being an Aquarian).   

I have a work friend who is a huge supporter of artists in and around Detroit.  I have seen the different artists work and I can tell you that you can hear them speak through their lens and on their canvases. Some say Detroit has nothing to give, but for those who know better, that is the farthest from the truth.  To some it may seem like a shell of a city, but through their lens and on their canvases, one can see the beauty under the dimness. It would be like telling a diamond dealer that the lump of dirt is worthless when really it is a magnificent diamond in need of polish.

Sure there are those who try to polish by throwing on new paint, bringing in big business, and planting a few trees.  Others, those who come from a humanitarian perspective, know that the only way to really clean something up is to see it for what it truly is, to feel it so deeply that they can’t help but be moved to make a difference.  It is feeling the heartbreak, fear, determination, perseverance, and faith, among other things.  It is seeing Detroit (or any community) as a place of hidden opportunity, second chances, redemption, and pride. 

My friend told me about a new exhibit in Ferndale called The Face of Detroit.  You can click the link HERE for more information on the exhibit.  I hope you will take time to look at the pictures not only with your eyes but with your heart and mind.  Let them speak to you.  See that we are all small parts of something far greater than us.  We are all connected by the human spirit.  This spirit searches for tranquility, joy, and acceptance. 

I pray the images move you.  I hope that you will take time out today to connect with something that touches your soul. Find artists in your area that speak to you, become involved in a charity to give back, listen to the uplifting sounds that move, or delight in the joy of having the freedom to follow your heart.

Every day is a blessing and a chance to make a difference.  How will you speak to the world?

P.S. I highly recommend you check out this artist as well!

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