Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hitting the Pavement...

I have become a one-woman machine.  This is a good and bad thing.   I create all my own fliers, I book all my own events (up to 6 and counting), and I peddle my books from the trunk of my car.  It seems like a lot but I have never felt so good.  To walk out of a store and know people will see my books there, they will come to see me there specifically, well that's an awesome thing.  And my calendar is filling up fast.  So far almost every weekend until Thanksgiving has some signing or talk booked.  Not to mention a date in December and some dates in the spring.  

Oh and did I mention as I am ordering supplies and fine tuning my skills, I will also be preparing teasers for the next book TAKING CHANCES to promote it's Winter release.  I love all this business of busyness.  And I am gaining more foot soldiers.  My friend in Alaska (hey Amanda!) who was the first to join my blog and share my links, my co-workers who like my posts on Facebook to help get the word out.  And now, I hope, the book bloggers will like the book enough to promote it.  

The down side to all this book blitz is that as much as I want to finish the second book, I seem to have to put it on hold.  The upside on that though is that book is almost half way done and with a little rewriting and a few more chapters it will be done and can join the media madness.  And this release will go much smoother since I know more than I did just a month ago.

Needless to say, life is hectic in our house.  I'm sure my man and my son would love to go a night without hearing about this or that event or edit changes. But I know in the end they will be the first in line to celebrate the rewards.  Of course my son gets happy every time I sell a book because he thinks Christmas is gonna be super sweet this year! Hopefully he won't be too disappointed when it's a regular ol' Christmas with the same amount of gifts from the same old stores (Wal-mart is our friend).   

Even if things take off and I am swimming in the moolah I don't foresee changing much.  Maybe paying off a few things, or ordering more books.  In the end I'll still be in my small-town, being my goofy self, and knowing no matter how famous I don't become, I will always matter to those that matter the most.

I have a little time tonight to get back to TAKING CHANCES.  I'm excited to let the creative juices flow again.  For now I'm back to work, I'll see you at a book signing/talk near you soon!

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