Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Enlarge your house with glue

I know - totally random post title.  Actually it's the auto generated line I was given to see about getting paid for blogging. 

I've never been secretive about my desire to work from home as a full-time writer.  Truthfully, it is how I hoped I would be bringing in 2012, but the fates still have me sitting behind my desk in an industrial/technology park in Corporate America.  Sucks, I know.

However, whether I blog or write my romances or create my poetry, at some point it will be my full time vocation.  There comes a time when you realize where you are is so far from where you (and your heart) want to be.  I've been in this purgatory state for awhile now.  In fact, it's gotten worse with the release of FINDING HOME.   I feel like that horse chomping at the bit and ready to bust from the gates to GET THE RACE STARTED ALREADY!!! I want to run...far away from the long commute and political corporate BS. 

Patience is not my virtue, I think I've mentioned it before and it's true.  This can be verifies by my friends and family.  Hell someone who's known me for ten minutes could know this. Never am I sitting totally still, I'm always in motion.  Mediating is a killer for me, but I’m trying to be Zen and one with it all. 

I may look like I'm just sitting here, but my fingers are flying on the keyboard, my mind is ten steps ahead of me in the post and there is another part of my brain thinking about how bad I want to go home and get back to work on the next book.  Behind this pretty face (its ok, I'm coughing and smirking sarcastically too), well behind this darling face is a whole world of possibilities.  Untapped, underutilized, resources wait to get picked up and run with. 

I am laughing to myself right now.  This is how I know I am a writer and that I have things to say.  This was to be a short blog on "Enlarge your house with glue" and now I've written about my unseen wheels turning and being a horse - or jackass given the day or circumstance. 

So go ahead - Enlarge your house with glue.  Enlarge your mind with possibilities, enlarge your heart with love for the people and things that accept you and represent the best part of you.  Enlarge your stomachs...no seriously - it's almost lunch and I'm hungry and this health grapefruit and peach doesn't look or sound as yummy as a Jimmy John's sandwich and thinny chips!  

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