Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time to make a spark!

Today is the first day of working on the next book.  I'll be returning to sunny San Diego with the second release from the California Dreamin' series.  This time we will be following the Latin Lothario - police officer Trent Torres.  I introduced his leading lady at the very end of Finding Home.  For those who read that book, she's the mystery woman at the end who got Avery's bridal bouquet.  And NO, that woman is not the psycho Suzette - several readers thought maybe it was, but I promise she is gone. 

So what is this new book going to be about...

 PLAYING WITH FIRE* follows the intertwining paths of Noelle Dupre and Trent Torres.  Noelle is on the run from the abusive ex-boyfriend she left behind in Arkansas.  She's got a personality to match her fiery red hair and though on the outside she seems like a bit of a tomboy, underneath that exterior is a passionate woman yearning to be released.  Life has never been easy for her, but Noelle is fighting mad and isn't about to let anyone stop her from finding the peacefulness she craves.

Enter Officer Trent.  Trent has been a ladies' man for the better part of his life and settling down always seemed too constricting to him.  But that was before his best friend, Damien, got married and Trent felt maybe he was missing out on something after all.  He comes from a large Hispanic family, that at times can be overbearing, but they mean well, even if they try to set him up at every opportunity.

Trent has seen Noelle before - on the day of his best friend's wedding.  That flaming hair and creamy skin somehow stuck with him, so when a breaking and entering call puts her as the lead suspect, he struggles with doing his duty and letting her get away.

Noelle doesn't like cops, where she comes from they're corrupt and never did anything to stop her ex's violence toward her, of course it didn't help his father was the sheriff and just as abusive.  But when Noelle meets Trent, it isn't his ability to uphold the law that she doesn't trust, it's the pounding in her heart and the thoughts running through her head that make her back away. 

Noelle doesn't have a choice to stay away from Officer Torres too long when her ex shows up with revenge on his mind.   Trent isn’t about to let someone hurt any woman, let alone one so full of life.   He’s got to show Noelle that he’s willing to give his life to protect her, as long as she’ll give him forever.

 I'm really looking forward to writing this book.  I love a woman with gumption and Noelle definitely has that feisty spirit.  I also love the family dynamic for Trent and I can tell you that at some point, a few of his family members will have their own romances in a new series that will be coming in the Fall of 2013.  The great thing about writing is every new book breeds other concepts and keeps my dream alive.

 If you are interested in reading the first book of the California Dreamin' series, you can get your copy of FINDING

Also, don't forget to get my newest novel, Taking Chances, from the Small Town Series.  This is the first book in a series of three with the next book expected to be released in September 2012.  Taking Chances is on AMAZON and SMASHWORDS as well.

*Playing With Fire is the working title for this second California Dreamin' book and is subject to change, but so far I like it!

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