Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming to an eReader near you ...

I'm within days of being done with the writing on Playing with Fire, after that it's just fixing the edits from my editor...that should go fast since she's already edited everything else.  I'm hoping by Sunday evening to have a sneak preview for you!!

Like with my previous novels, I'll be posting the first few pages to give you a taste of what's to come!  I really think you'll enjoy this story.  It does have some serious moments (like getting out of an abusive relationship), but it also has those tender, sweet, sassy moments that I love to write!  And steam, we can't forget that!

SSOOOOO....  without further ado, I wanted to share this book trailer I made for Playing with Fire.  Book trailers are a newer promotional tool, but like a movie trailer, it gives you insight on what's to come.  I think you're gonna like it!

Stay tuned for that sneak preview, I'm off to finish writing.  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Think Good Thoughts

 I have this Colbie Caillat song stuck in my head, Think Good Thoughts.  It's a catchy, upbeat song about, well, thinking good thoughts.  Today it seems one good thought leads to another and in turn leads to a good reaction.

Case in point, Colbie happens to be in town tonight with Gavin Degraw and I've been wanting to go to the concert, but I was being too cheap to get the tickets just yet.  I know this sounds terrible, but I was going to be just fine parking on the side of the road and missing the show, happy enough hearing the music!  But that changed yesterday morning when I won tickets to the concert!  Not only did I win, but my call actually got dropped (damn dead zones) and I redialed as fast as possible and by some miracle I got right through.  Someone was looking out for me and bringing the good thoughts into fruition!

AND, after I finished freaking out over winning, I mentioned that I use Colbie's music as a soundtrack when I write.  Well, once the DJs spliced together the call and edited it, the female co-host said on air that she thought it was really cool I was a romance writer and wondered what my books were about.  I called back (off air) and promised to drop off signed copies of both books for her.  Even if only she reads them and never mentions them on air, that's ok.  But of course an on air shout out is FAR more awesome!!

Another reason from today where a good thought lead to a good reaction - way back in October when I was sending out all the press releases and review requests for my first book, I was putting it out there into the universe that I was looking for those resources to help me along my self-publishing journey.  Well today, one of those reviewers emailed me out of the blue.  

Perfect timing if I say so myself considering Playing with Fire is nearly ready for release!  To have a review of it on a well traveled blog could do great things (especially if the reviewer loves it!)!  Bonus caveat is that the reviewer is also recommending other bloggers to work with for a book tour.

I will admit that outside drama has been on my mind in the last few days, it's really brought me down.  But the realization that all I can control is myself and my outlook has done wonders.  And then BAM - I get a great day like today.

I'm looking to keep this momentum going tomorrow as I enjoy great music and a great show seeing Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw in concert with my favorite little dude, my son Jake.

Not sure how I will sleep considering the excitement I feel right now, hopefully it is peaceful and provides some good fodder for more writing!

Here's the song so you can sing along with me!

Here is what you missed!