Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taking it to the next level

I'm realizing word of mouth really is worth it's weight in gold. I've also learned that hiring a "marketing" company to send out random tweets for me doesn't connect with the fans as much as ME getting out there does.

This week I'm working on a goal to increase my Facebook fan base.  This morning I had maybe 50 people, 40 of which were friends and family.  So I set up a Facebook Ad and crossed my fingers.  It's the end of Day 1 and I'm at 85 fans and counting ... only 1 new addition is someone I know!! 

So I've got a little motivator for my fans to find me on Facebook.  Right now, Playing with Fire (and my other 2 books) are all $2.99 on Smashwords, BUT, if I can get to 250 "LIKES", I'm willing to drop all my books down to 99 cents, for a limited time only.

Cheap(er) books are on their way.  How soon depends on how fast we can get the word out!



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