Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting in the Mood...

It's that time of year again to get in the mood for Christmas shopping.  By shopping I mean web browsing in the safety of my own home in my pjs, without the crushing throng of people that test my ability to not punch them in the throat.  I know, I'm terrible.  But at the end of the day, one of the things I HATE the most is large crowds...

Random realization - maybe that hatred is what keeps the fans at bay at the book signings, like the Universe knows I don't like it so it makes me not have to deal with it.... but THAT is a different kind of crowd.  The fans - you guys - are nice and polite and friendly.  Never would I even think about punching you!! lol

And please know, when I say I wanna punch people in the throat, its not really literally.  Though in my mind I kick ass and take names, in real life I am a total push-over - as in they push me over to get to the toy I was just about to buy! Hence my love for internet shopping.

I am behind the ball this year, I've been so busy trying to sell these books that every weekend instead of shopping I am hoping for shoppers.  I started my Christmas shopping yesterday, if you don't count the check I wrote my dude and told him get something he wants.  With him, it is MUCH easier that way - though he did still manage to look down his nose at the meager stipend he got.  Now that time - punching him in the throat did seem closer to likely than normal.  But his Adam's apple is safe ... for now.

Ugh ... I just realized I was wanting to write about getting in the mood for the season and to write about romance, but it seems deep down there is something in me that is in the mood to brawl!  Let's just say I'm feeling feisty and leave it at that, shall we?? lol

Anyway - back to this mood thing.  On the writing front I'm getting in the mood to kick these books into high gear.  All this time, I haven't really looked at the business of writing as a business.  I mean I know it is, but the rules and restrictions hater in me, well, hates that.  But it's a necessary part of it.  Would it be awesome to sit and write steamy sex all day - You Betcha!!!  But life can't be that fun - at least not yet....but I'm getting there.

So I've started this schedule for myself.  Tweets on Monday and Friday, blog updates on Tuesdays, Facebook posts on other days.  Really I tend to post funny things on Facebook whenever I see something that looks cute to share.  But I really need to get more going on Twitter and if I post here on a more regular basis than it's just another opportunity for me to use my writing as an outlet for whatever.  Case in point - this blah blog of randomness I got going on today.

All this is preparing for next year. The theme for 2013 for me is all about getting out of my comfort zone.  First up, getting a passport and traveling to the UK for some time with my bestie Stacy.  It's a girl time/research trip that I hope will give me some great ideas for a series I have coming in 2014 (always thinking ahead!)!!  In 2013 I'm also eying a few reader conventions (RT, Rom Com, Romance Novel, etc.).  And I'm looking to get book signings in actual book stores (not just craft shows for festivals).  I'm hoping to get out to other states (or countries if I can get a signing set up when I hop the pond).

So, yeah, 2013 is about getting out there.  Purposely putting myself into the crowd.  And don't worry, your throats are perfectly safe with me.  Because when I am selling books or talking romance and writing, I am in my element.  Everything is right in the world and my brain is focused on that and not going all Bruce Lee on your ass.

In addition to getting myself out there more, I am also setting a goal to release several books...easily 3, but pushing for 4!  And I'm debating on finding an agent to get me even more exposure.  Of course, there really is no greater exposure than FAN exposure.  You guys loving the books and letting friends know goes a VERY long way!  And it is greatly appreciated, I can assure you of that.
So besides getting in the mood for the holiday, and in the mood to write, or kick ass, it seems I'm always in the mood to be long winded.  For now I'll sign off and wish you all a great week and Happy Tuesday.

One final note - if you would like to see me at a particular convention or know of a reader focused event (especially romance), please feel free to message me.  I really do want to get myself out there not just to sell books but to meet fans and travel.  I forsee alot of flier miles next year!!

Okay - so one more thing . . . I know I said never, but I'll admit I was wrong!  Now through the holidays, all my ebooks are only 99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords!  

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