Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quiet Time

 It's one of those nights again.  The animals are all sleeping, my son is upstairs in bed, and the only noise I hear besides the Christmas carols in my earbuds is the heater kicking on.  The Christmas tree is lit, the smell of apple cinnamon is hanging in the air from my oil burner, and I'm snuggled up in the chair with my leopard print fleece blanket.  Yep, it's one of those nights.

It's the kind of night I take a moment to breathe deep.  It's the kind of night where memories warm my heart, missing loved ones dampens my eyes, and looking ahead gives me hope.  Tis the season.

Having moments like these truly are rare for me.  My mind is always going, thinking, creating, dreaming.  Me and meditation don't get along, but I'm trying to get more than a moment of stillness in a day.  It is the light and dark of the creative mind ... constantly being inspired and expressing itself through thought, yet congesting itself with too many of those thoughts.  

Quiet moments like now allow me to clear some of that clutter.  Throughout my day, in my 'normal' job, I don't even have enough mental space to create clutter.  There is so much to do and remember, my desk literally is a revolving door as I sit at the front desk.  I have the distraction of the UPS guy (though I like that one), there is the distraction of the other courier services, vendors, visitors, co-workers.  Not to mention the constant humming of the printer/fax that is ten feet from me, or the ringing of the main line, or the chiming of an urgent email/IM, etc.

But I know this is life for most of us.  The constant go-go-go of things, the mutli-tasking of things, the need-a-list-to-focus of things.  So these still moments are golden.  Of course as you can tell with the fact that in this moment I am typing, obviously these moments truly are fleeting for me.

Even with all that, I hope we all take a little more time this holiday season to hold onto these moments.  I know as a mother, after the events of last week, I notice more my son's smiles, his jokes, his departing comments as I drop him off at school.  As a granddaughter facing her first Christmas without her last grandparent, I relish the memories of singing carols, hearing the story of the nativity, and making all kinds of candies in my Mamaw's kitchen.

It's in the moments of peace that we get peace.  When we can stop the outside world and find that calm within us, we can open our eyes again and go forward with more clarity, more focus, more love.

So while you are taking a few moments from your quiet time to read these words, I thank you.  I hope with every day, you are able to embrace more peace, more love, more laughter. I hope we can all remember that as dark and scary as this world may seem, as chaotic and ugly as our surroundings look, that there is love, kindness, compassion, and peace.  It starts from within and grows outward to those around us and those around them. 

Now before I turn this into a novel, I am going to log off and tune into the quiet around me just a little while longer.  I am going to take that deep breath and know there is peace on Earth - even if only for a moment and only in my little 'world' here in this chair with the leopard print fleece blanket and snoring animals.   

Good night from Riley the cat, Tigger the beast, and Bella the diva

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