Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sneak Peak at the cover for Down for the Count

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I've been a very busy girl behind the scenes!  My brain is always going and creating, sometimes I wish there was a shut off switch, but I'm learning how to close the flood gates to actually focus on one project at a time. 

Down for the Count is still in it's infancy with only the first few chapters written...and when i say written I mean it literally - as in hand written.  This weekend I will be typing those up pages and hopefully beefing them up some more.  I can tell you if there are any moms out there (especially of boys) you will definitely appreciate the highjinx in this book.

Down for the Count is the second book in my Small Town Series and follows the journey of Lily and Ty.  For those of you who have read Taking Chances - Small Town Series Book #1, you will remember them as best friends to Myra and Dane.  For those of you who haven't read Taking Chances yet, check it out on Amazon or Smashwords!

I love the Small Town Series because it is set in my town of Blissfield, Michigan.  For any of you who live in a small town where people know your name and business, are always there to offer advice or a cup of coffee, and let you know you are loved - well then you will totally love these ladies and gentleman in this series.

In Down for the Count, Lily has all but given up on dating and with twin 8-year-old boys, most suitors don't stick around for long.  But when her mischievous angels decide mom needs a man around for good they turn to their wrestling coach, Ty, to take on the job.

Ty has been in love with Lily from the night they met ten years ago, that also happened to be the night he lost a bet to his best friend Charlie who got the girl.  After Charlie's death in a car accident when the twins where toddlers, Ty has made sure to offer help where he can, but always what he really wants is more than he thinks he can ask for from Lily.

Will Ty be able to stop seeing Lily as his best friend'd girl?  And will Lily be able to see Ty as more than just a friend? Find out how these two get hit with a love TKO in Down for the Count, coming out Spring 2013!  

So without further ado, here is the cover for Down for the Count!!  Can't wait to get it out for your guys!



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