Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healing Hiatus

I'm back!  Well, almost back.  Better than I was.  At least my notepad is sitting next to my laptop now and not in my purse or the car.  Those words that need to be typed keep staring back at me, silently urging me to use them, mold them to my every whim.  I like it!

It feels good to be in this mental space again, where possibilities are endless and there is nothing in the way of living my dreams again. I have a lot of different things/events/people to thank for this shift, but above all it was the never ending belief that God's gonna work it out (always goes back to my Mamaw's mantra).  And he has, and will continue to do so.  As long as I remember to let go and just enjoy this ride of life.

I've been in a country music state of mind lately ... okay so I'm a country girl at heart, but lately there have been some really great songs out that have helped me realize there are really great men out there, that they aren't just in my imagination or on the pages of the stories I write.  

Here are a few examples of the songs I am loving in this moment:
  • "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes.  Now that boy's Momma done raised him right.  That is how more men should be....let the youngin' show you that.
  • "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore.  Man, I liked this guy when he was singing something about a truck, but this song and his voice really bring me to tears.  Only if all of us could have a man call us 'pretty girl' and we feel it in our souls.
  • "If I didn't have you" by Thompson Square.  Love this couple!  The video for this is a heart tugger.  They also had a song "Glass" that was out but didn't do as well as I thought it should have on the charts - listen to them both!  Buy their records!  Their newest just came out Tuesday.
  • "Never Stop" by SafetySuit....ok so this isn't country, but the acoustic version of this is just beautiful.  Even the rock version is great.  YES PLEASE!!!

Music really does help heal the soul and during this last 7 weeks of being MIA, it really has helped me see that if someone thought to say these words, that there is someone out there not only saying, but also doing, proving, living these words.  That's a powerful motivator to get off my ass and put myself back out there.

This hiatus has been good, but it's time to really get back to being Amy.  The writer, the sassy pants, the most awesome version of me I can be. God's got something up his sleeve, I can feel it.  So while the magic unfolds I'm going to keep listening to my music, keep believing in the possibilities, and keep living life in a way that when that 'significant other' shows (if he hasn't already) that I will be ready to go forward without walls or baggage to hold me back.

So for you single ladies (and men) out there, don't ever throw in the love towel.  At this point, we are all battle scarred and weary, I mean really, at least half of all of us who've gotten married are now divorced (or divorced multiple times - don't judge!).  But hey, look at it this way, at some point we are bound to be on the positive side of that's finding that right partner, the best friend, the one who knows all your likes/dislikes and flaws and loves you BECAUSE of them.  

For all you weathered broken-road warriors, I really recommend a healing part focusing on what YOU want, one part remembering to see the beauty in every day, one part of learning to laugh again, and a healthy dose of some good music to sooth your soul.  

That last statement makes me think of another fave song of mine so here are a few more randoms to throw your way:

  • 'Drift Away" by Dobie Gray...yeah Uncle Kracker's version is alright, but nothing really soothes the soul like Dobie.
  • "Gravity" by John Mayer.  This is a sexy song!  Hands down one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard, and I'm not a huge JM fan, but those guitar licks are heavenly.
  • "Good Life" by OneRepublic...upbeat, positive, and it's really going to be a good life as long as you believe it will be and work toward it.  Plus Disney used it in an ad and I wanna go to FL now!

And last, but certainly not least, is MY song...we all have that song that is just pure us.  That strips us down to the core of who we are and who we want to be.  This song has helped remind me of myself, has helped me not build up walls, and just gives me that space to smile and know that even at my worse, I ain't that bad. 

Garth Brooks "She's Every Woman"

She's sun and rain, she's fire and ice
A little crazy but it's nice
And when she gets mad, you best leave her alone
'Cause she'll rage just like a river
Then she'll beg you to forgive her
She's every woman that I've ever known

She's so New York and then L.A.
And every town along the way
She's every place that I've never been
She's makin love on rainy nights
She's a stroll through Christmas lights
And she's everything I want to do again

It needs no explanation
'Cause it all makes perfect sense
For when it comes down to temptation
She's on both sides of the fence

No it needs no explanation
'Cause it all makes perfect sense
When it comes down to temptation
She's on both sides of the fence

She's anything but typical
She's so unpredictable
Oh but even at her worst it ain't that bad
She's as real as real can be
And she's every fantasy
Lord she's every lover that I've ever had
And she's every lover that I've never had

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