Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back on the field...

Alright, I’m over it.  I’m over being lazy and unmotivated.  I’m over trying to rein in this creativity when it’s been screaming to get out all year!  I’m over my self-imposed sabbatical.

I came across this amazing saying by Theodore Roosevelt the other day and it’s really had me thinking.  Read for yourself:

I’ll admit that I have not been daring greatly lately.  You can bet that on September 15, 2011 I was daring greatly!  I pressed that SEND button and dared to put my writing out to the world, I dared to show people a side of me that many (even family) never knew existed.  Oh I dared greatly alright, and then some for the next year….

But at some point in it, as I was standing in the arena, I let things distract me.  Slow sales, snide remarks, not feeling local support, etc…. I let those things take away my drive and instead of standing firm in the middle of the field, I slunk back to the bench to lick my wounds.  God did not create me (or any of us) to be a benchwarmer…I can’t believe I’ve sat out so long!

Reading this quote helped snap me out of it.  Not just as a writer, but also as a mother and role model for other aspiring writers…what kind of example am I setting by letting the naysayers win?  There will always be doubters, people who can’t handle that they’ve settled themselves so they try to bring down anyone they feel is succeeding.  There will always be someone somewhere trying to knock you down a peg or want to stop you from following your passion because they have the mentality that “you can’t survive and make a living off following your heart.”

I say that’s bullshit.  I say the voice that matters is that voice within you.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, my grandfather firmly implanted in us that God gives everyone gifts and we are to use them.  So some may think “you must be dreaming to think you can make it.” But I remember another great quote: 

So I’m over letting those sitting out in the stands rule what I do.  I am over slouching on the bench and being afraid of getting defeated.  My place is on that field, in the game, sweating it out, giving it my all, and knowing that succeed or fail I am following my heart.

Now THAT is the kind of example I want to be.  What kind of example to you want to be?

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