Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Better than Fiction

 So the big hold up with Down for the Count is I am down with a serious case of writer’s block.  I think of a scene or a line, but then it doesn’t seem to fit into the current story…maybe into a book in another series, or the next book in this series, but something about it doesn’t fit for this couple I am trying to create.

Instead of freaking out about it all, I took a step back and allowed myself to not think of it … any of it.  No characters, no plots, no steam.  Funny thing is, when you step back far enough, life has a way of showing you what you weren’t seeing.  Even funnier is that life is even better than fiction.

I will admit to reading plenty of books or watching movies and thinking, “That never really happens”…case in point, Will Darcy, coat floating in the morning mist as he forges across a field to find his love Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice. Like really, in what world does that happen?

I want to believe that is true.  That a man reaches the point and he is like ‘enough is enough, I need to make her mine!’  And that right there is actually what my leading man, Ty, is doing in Down for the Count.  He’s loved this woman so long and finally reaches that point where another day without her by his side just won’t do…taking a line from Mr. Darcy, she has bewitched him body and soul.

Now they all can’t be Mr. Darcy.  Hell they all can’t be Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer, Zac Efron, or Luke Bryan.  But when a man sees a woman he can’t resist but to speak to, when he just HAS to put a smile on her face, now that is the kind of man I like.

Sure, some men do that at first to charm us and then they show their true colors, but I’ve actually had the reverse happen…and it just took place the other day.  While out for drinks with my friends, something happened that I say NEVER would … I met a man, in a bar, and he wasn’t within my ‘desired age range’.  In fact, he wouldn’t tell me how old he was…and that was kinda sexy.  He was so confident in what he brought to the table that his age had nothing to do with any of it.

Anyway, I digress… so here I am with my girlies just minding our own business and I look up to see who was in the bar and there he is, sitting at the counter with a tall frosty mug, fitted t-shirt, faded jeans, trimmed beard, and steel grey eyes.  That saying ‘didn’t know what I was looking for until I found it” hit me in that moment.  Then the junior higher that still resides in me followed it up with a ‘hubba hubba’. 

At one point he was walking across the dance floor and I looked up and our eyes locked.  I was in the middle of telling a story and I honestly don’t know what the hell I was saying because those eyes on me made the world stop.  Even in the moment I thought, damn, ‘this world stopping thing isn’t as cheesy as the books make it sound…this is kinda hot.’

Literally seconds before we were leaving he walked up and ordered us all a round of shots.  Since I’d been vocal to my friends on what I thought of him, as soon as he sat down they both looked at me like ‘Oh damn, its show time.” 

Let’s just say there were definite sparks and a proposition was made…a point blank, make no excuses proposition that actually left me speechless for a moment. Some women would have found it offensive or crass…I found it refreshingly honest and extremely hard to resist, even if it was closing time and we were all inebriated.

But I stuck to my guns and told him it takes more than a few drinks of effort to get my time.  And even thought I know it was the right choice, it didn’t stop that when I walked out of that bar I proceeded to kick myself the entire three block walk home…and the following four days.

Like anyone else, enough time and doubt starts to creep in, ‘was he really interested or just looking for booty?’ ‘Did he hit on me because I was the only available woman in the bar?’ ‘Did he think I looked like an easy target?’  BLAH!!!

Well, for me there was only one way to know for sure…show up and find out myself.  So last night I did something I have never done, I went to the bar….alone.  I pulled in and texted a last ‘Hail Mary (please come up and hold my hand so I don’t have to do this alone) message to my friend.  All I got was ‘go get him tiger!’  geez!

So as I was sitting there chickening out, fate decided to force my hand.  The guy in question walked out of the bar and headed to the truck near mine.  He was leaving!  I was about to miss my chance! 

I don’t know where I found my voice, but I yelled out to him like, “What the hell dude, you tell me to come up some time for a drink and you are bailing?”  (I know, totally lady like…can you see why I don’t have to fight the men off!)

Needless to say, he was kind enough to have a drink with me.  In a time I should have been freaking out from being out of my comfort zone, I somehow managed to just be myself.  I was a smart ass, I’m sure I said some airheaded thing, but I also made sure to tell him when he was right when we were having a difference of opinion (I mean really how big does a pond have to be before I can call it a lake and get away with it!). And I was honest about why I’d said no before and what I really thought.  Honesty really is the best policy, no hiding behind BS…just straight Amy.

Last night, without all the alcohol, he was even more charming, very much a gentleman.  In fact, it seems without the liquid courage he was surprised that I took him up on his offer to have a drink some time. Turns out he seems to be just as vulnerable to dating as I am…which is nice.

Never in a million years would I have through an absolutely sexy man would proposition me, never would I have through it would be in a bar, and never would I have thought it would be with a guy in his twenties. 

But life is better than fiction…sure I create the stories you read, but I also create my life.  I don’t know how this chapter will go; it could have ended with last night or could go on.  I’m content and excited to see what else fate has in store.  All I know is that it really helped me clear some more of that writer’s fog.

Amazing things lay ahead…all the way around…..

SO, I’m gonna get interactive here and ask ‘have you ever had someone proposition you?  And what did you do?”

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