Friday, November 8, 2013

New Series on the Way!!!!!

Okay, okay... I know some of you (most of you) are probably thinking "FINALLY! She finished 'Down for the Count'."  Well, hate to burst your bubble, but that is not the case.  The fact is, DftC is still stuck in Chapter 4 where I left it months ago.  I just can't seem to get excited about it like it truly deserves yet.  I need fire, passion, sex!  Not that it won't have that, but I need something more right now......

SSSSoooooooo, with that being said, about a month ago, while trying to get motivated to work on DftC, I had this stroke of genius....okay, so really it was my undersexed mind thinking of all these steamy scenarios.  Anyway, I got the idea for this book.  It was going to be called Confessions of a Small Town Strumpet.  I was going to have a pen name and everything because it's set like a diary and I really didn't want to have to answer if it were really my's called fiction for a reason.

I dove into the book and already the first 5 chapters are with the editor.  I've given a peak of it to some writer friends and they LOVE IT!!!  They say it is my best work yet, funny, fast paced, and oh the situations this woman gets into.  I'm loving writing again and I am loving this book.

The other night while trying to sleep, I realized that to go through and have to create a pen name and build a new fan base and everything involved is just too much.  So, Confessions of a Small Town Strumpet is going to now be a series.  Starting off with The Diary of Zelda Mae Pearl.

This will be a three book series in an unnamed town that any of your can think of when you think of the small towns you know.  In the first book, Zelda Mae has to return home after being gone 15 years because of an incident with an ex-lover (and a Taser)!  The diary is her journey readjusting to small town life, trying to date, and figuring out why her life is such a hot mess.  I can tell you that by chapter five she's already slept with two men, seen another naked, and been frisked....oh the fun to come!  Have no fear, she will get her happily ever after.  

As far as my California Dreamin' and Small Town Series...don't worry, they are waiting in the wings.  This newest book is going to set back the release of the Down for the Count, but it WILL be released.  I am just so super excited to get this newest series written that I can't stop myself.  It's hard to explain, but this book just will not be denied!

As far as when you can except to see this coming out - well if I have my way I hope before Christmas!!  BUT - it will ONLY be available in eBook.  Because of the cover art alone, I know I won't be able to sell the paperbacks at my typical book signing venues.  Like I said, there is definitely more steam in this series.  

Now for a little fan participation - I'm debating on the series name and I need your help!  A lucky winner will randomly be selected to receive a free copy of Diary of Zelda Mae Pearl when it is released.  So here are the choices, please give a write in if you have a better idea!

#1 - Confessions of a Small Town Strumpet - Diary of.....
#2 - Village Vixen - Diary of... (I say village because their town is so small it's technically only a village)
#3 - Midwest Mavins - Diary of
#4 - WRITE IN _____________________________________________

Can't wait to hear your feedback.  I really think you are all gonna love this newest series!!!

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