Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top Ten Reasons I Love Writing Contemporary Romance - Guest Blog for Book Lovin' Mamas

Earlier today I did a guest blog over at Book Lovin' Mamas....check it out: 

10 - I have an overactive imagination and since I am single I need some outlet for all these great ideas.

9 - It’s passive revenge for all the terrible dates I’ve had…every book needs a creeper, crazy ex, unstable neighbor, etc.

8 – I come from a long line of characters that deserve their funny stories to be exploited. 

7 – The couples are regular people so it’s not as hard as having to study vampires, werewolves, or shapeshifters.  Let alone having to read up on the different eras like Medieval, Victorian, Western, etc. 

6 – It inspires me to continue to believe in true love and I hope it keeps other lonely women out there believing as well.

5 – Writing about strong, feisty women helps me stay strong and feisty myself.

4 – It’s my no-cost way of reading a good story…. Sure I could buy a book or go to the library (where they already know me by name and my reading history), but why not write it myself for FREE! 

3 – It’s going to be my ticket to working from home in my jammies … someday …years from now.

2 - It gives me an excuse if I’m staring at some hottie too long in the bar… “Oh, I’m sorry.  I’m a romance writer and I was just studying you.  You seem like the perfect leading man.”  (Amazingly it really works too)!!

1 – Because in the end I always get my man.  Yeah, so it’s only in fiction for now – details, details!

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