Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Changing Perspectives

So I just spend over two hours writing a VERY long blog about how I’ve derailed for the past five months and how things seem to be going wrong at every turn.  I was proofreading the ‘woe is me’ words when I got a text from my mother that put things into perspective. I realized anything I was complaining about is all temporary and nothing that can’t be changed with a change of view.

Life has a way of bringing things into perspective for us.  Unfortunately, it usually happens when those we care about (or sometimes ourselves) face tragedy. Those times seem to make the world stop for just long enough that we can really open our eyes and see clearly, see the ‘bigger picture’, and sometimes find the answers that eluded us, but were right there all along.

The fact is, for all the downs, I have SO much to be thankful for and I hope today you all can find those things to be thankful for as well.  I get into my own way FAR too often and every day I am working hard to stop doing that.  Instead of putting one foot in front of the other I seem to have just taken a seat to wait it out, but that has gotten me nowhere…which has caused some very unnecessary pain.  Today is about dusting myself off and getting back up.

So in place of some bummer blog like what I originally wrote, I’m going to focus on the good that was in it. 

Here are a few highlights:
  1. I’ve met a great guy and I can honestly say this is the most real relationship I’ve ever been in.  He is very good to me and a great role model for my son.  He admitted last night that he actually has secretly been reading FINDING HOME and even related the characters struggles and working through things to our relationship.  His support means everything and he is helping get me back to a writing schedule.
  2. I’ve realized my writer’s block was all self-induced and I have made a pact with myself to stop setting unrealistic expectations.  I am no longer letting word count or page numbers stress me out…I am letting the stories unfold as they will, be it 90 pages or 300.  There may be long gaps between releases, but know I am working hard to create characters and stories that you can relate to and (I hope) will in some way help motivate you.
  3. Just to let you know I’m a long way from throwing in the towel when it comes to writing, here is a snippet of what I have coming down the pipeline…as you can see it’s gonna be a long ride (and these are just the ones I remember off the top of my head): 
  • Village Vixens: Diary of Zelda Mae Pearl (current WIP) 
  • Down for the Count - Small Town Series - #2 (current WIP)
  • TBD - California Dreamin' #3 (Mitch and Molly) 
  •  TBD - Small Town Series #3 (Vince and Sunny) 
  • Village Vixens #2 
  • Village Vixens #3
  • Kentucky Rain Series (3 books) 
  • Fuego Series (3 books) 
  • TBD Series (3 books) brothers of Molly from California Dreamin' 
  • Sexy Secretaries Series (3 books) set in Corporate America
  • Handy with a Heart Series (3 books) based on blue collar workers 
  • TBD Series (3 books) set in Ireland

I thank you for your patience as I get the work/life/family/writing tray that I seemed to have dropped back to balance.  I know we all face some kind of struggle.  Sometimes they are things we cannot control and sometimes they are our own fears.  I know for me, I have created a lot of my struggles just by my attitude and doubts.  But I also know, deep in my heart, that on the other side of every dark cloud, the sun still shines.

It’s time to put on my shades and enjoy the rays…

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