Monday, November 3, 2014

November 99-Cent Sale

It's that time of year again ... when the weather turns colder and all you want to do is curl up with a cup of something hot, a blanket, and a good book to get lost in.  I can make suggestions on the beverage - jasmine tea, coffee with a splash of Irish Creme, or some hot cocoa.  I can tell you I prefer a fleece blanket to snuggle with, it was the last gift from my grandmother before she passed nine years ago.

Oh yeah, I can also recommend a book (or three) that may be able to help you escape the cold!! All my books are only 99 Cents over at SMASHWORDS all of November!  Also, check out the latest covers and descriptions for what's coming (so far) in 2015!!

Click the image below and download your copy now!!
Finding Home (California Dreamin' - Book #1) 
Avery is the quintessential Midwestern girl who relocates to San Diego after a nasty divorce. She’s done with letting fear (or a man) lead her life. But mysterious Damien has other plans for her heart.
Damien's spent the last four years in a downward spiral. But the feisty Avery ignites something in him. Their happiness depends on believing in love more than fears that could destroy everything.
Playing with Fire (California Dreamin' - Book #2)
PLAYING WITH FIRE follows the intertwining paths of Noelle Dupre and Officer Trent Torres. Noelle is on the run from the abusive ex-boyfriend she left behind in Arkansas. Trent has been a ladies man for the better part of his life. When Noelle meets Trent, it isn't his ability to uphold the law that she doesn't trust - it's the pounding in her heart and the thoughts running through her head.  
Find out how this fiery redhead and spicy Latin lover face the flames and tame the fire between them!

Taking Chances (Small Town Series - Book #1)
What happens when the 'one that got away' wants you back? Dane walked away from Myra four years ago, thinking he wasn't the man she needed. But time has only proven one thing - she's the woman he needs.

Myra has moved on with life and healed the hurt Dane's leaving caused, but one look at him and those feelings come back. Can she trust him with her heart again or will he take it and run?

Down for the Count (Small Town Series - Book #2)
Lily has all but given up on dating and with twin 8-year-old boys, most suitors don't stick around for long.  But when her mischievous angels decide mom needs a man around for good they turn to their wrestling coach, Ty, to take on the job.
Ty has been in love with Lily from the night they met ten years ago, but his best friend Charlie got to her first.  After Charlie's death in a car accident, Ty has made sure to offer help where he can, but Lily's always kept just out of arms reach.  The fact that he's hiding a secret that could hurt her doesn't help his conscious either! 

Will Lily be able to see Ty as more than just a friend? And will Ty be able to tell her the truth without her shutting him out forever?  Find out how these two get hit with a love TKO!

 Diary of Zelda Mae Pearl (Village Vixens Series - Book #1)
 Zelda Mae has returned to her small town roots, but she's not happy about it!  After an unfortunate incident with an ex-lover, she has no choice but to leave the big city and return to the safety of her hometown.  Her 'temporary' situation becomes permanent, but not before she has to adjust to her old life, navigate through the phenomenon known as online-dating, and generally figuring out how she became such a hot mess!  In the end she finds that sometimes where you least want to be is exactly where you need to be and love can be right around the corner.

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