Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Focus

I don't know about anyone else, but I am definitely happy to see 2014 leave!  It was the most stressful, difficult year for me on so many levels.  I've had terrible, life-shattering events happen before, but that year as a whole was a dud. 

There were some high points, especially finding love again in the latter months with someone who has been amazing and with whom I can truly be myself for the first time ever.  The best part is he sees all I am and STILL stays around...I figure he must like me some if he isn't running.  We make a good pair and balance each other.  It's also great that our kids have been accepting of us and each other.  They have all been a huge blessings.

Now, I could say the goals and resolutions I have for 2015 ... I could go on and on about how I intend to keep them, but you and I both know there is some non-truth to that.  My best intentions are to get books out and eat healthier and exercise more and a list of other things, but the odds of me reaching every goal don't look to bright.

All I know is this ... what got me through the last part of 2014 is what will catapult me through 2015 and goal is to follow joy.  Every day I hope to find the good in it, the small things that make me smile, the big things that take my breath away and make me cry tears of joy.  Even on the days where I feel and look like ass, I will follow the joy of that day - just waking up, or getting to sleep in.

So this year I am doing 2 visual aids to help me reach at least that goal and my goal to save money.  I've created a gratitude jar and also using it to store my savings funds.  For the gratitude portion, every night before bed you reflect on the day and write down something you are grateful for, then put it in the jar, at the end of the year you have 365 different things to remind you what a blessed year you had!!  The savings plan is super easy, every week just add a dollar amount that is equal to that week's number...the first week of the year add $1, the last week of the year your deposit is $ the end of the year you have $1378!!!!

I've already started my I got to hear my great uncle say he loves may seem small to you, but to me it means everything.  He is my papaw's brother (the preacher grandpa I have referred to many times in this blog).  They looked alike, down to the hair on their knuckles.  And they even sound alike so when he said those words today, I heard my grandfather and it really did bring me to tears.  It was like he was coming through the veil for just a moment to say 'You got it this year kiddo, this is your year." {This is one of my favorite photos with him, usually he was always in the white undershirt.  Grandpa, my lil sis (Jamie), me, and my lil bro (Tommy). circa 1984}

I hope you all have an amazing year.  I hope we all achieve the goals we set for ourselves now and throughout the next 365 days.  Blessings and joy to you.

Until the next post, all my love,

Amy O'Neill

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