Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Revitalizing and reconnecting

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the posts this week on are following my Amy O'Neill Online Facebook page right??  If not, click the link!

So what new things are going on???  Each day I will be posting 3 photos of 'inspiration'...sure they may be shirtless, or wet, or totally distracting, but who doesn't love some eye candy in their Facebook feed!  Here is the rundown:

  • Man Crush Monday - any and all kinds of men get included
  • Tattoo Tuesday - oh to be the ink on these bodies!
  • Wet Wednesday - I think I need a cold shower
  • Timeless Thursday - not all historical figures are stiff and plain - these cowboys, knights, vikings, etc. will make you wish for days gone by
  • Fierce Friday - My salute to all men in (or out) of uniform....military, police, fireman, etc.
  • Sophisticated Saturday - Christian Grey isn't the only man who looks good in a suit
  • Soundbite Sunday - Lines from our favorite leading men - or the things we wish they would say to us!

Now here is where YOU come in!  Remember to LIKE, SHARE, and Comment on what you like!  Also, I have several Pinterest boards set up, one for each day.  If  you find any photos you think the readers may like, let me know on Pinterest here:

Have no fear, I am writing....and I realized my Village Vixen series, though it definitely has A LOT of sex, will be less romance novel, more chick lit a la Bridget Jones...AND....I need to wrap up the California Dreamin' and Small Town series before the VV comes out.  While finishing the first two series I will be creating the whole 3 book Village Vixens series so that when it finally does launch, the books will release within months of each other.

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