Friday, July 31, 2015

The Creative Mind

Last night - along with my mom, niece, cousin, and aunt - I enjoyed a concert for country music newcomer Cole Swindell.  While waiting for the concert to start, I got a great opportunity to people watch.  It also gave me a chance to remember how awesome the creative mind really is - through the eyes of others!

At one point, I saw a good-looking man walk by and made a comment to my cousin about his 'look' (style of dress, hair, build, etc.).  She laughed but I told her people watching is great research for characters.  Later, as the crowd grew, so did the potential 'character pool.' My aunt pointed to someone and asked what kind of character he would be, so I thought of a story off the top of my head and both her and my cousin looked at me and asked - "How do you do that?"

Thus, the wonders and complexities of the creative mind.  Honestly, I don't know how I do it, I just DO IT!  I can take a song, an image, a person, or anything and turn it into something more.  What can I say, I've always had a flair for the dramatic!  Sometimes it's just a small scene.  Other times, when I allow my mind to run wild, I can create an entire book outline.  

As in awe as some people can be about how writers can create such stories in our mind, believe me when I tell you I am just as in awe of the ability as well.  It's my superpower - but only when used for good on the pages of a book.  In the real world the ability to create wide ranges of scenarios has lead to a lot of stress and anxiety and even bigger quantities of 'overthinkin' it'.
Because of this, more times than not, I have to 'turn-off' that part in my brain.  Last night was a fun exception, but for every day life I'd never get anything done if I allowed that piece to take control.  Yes, it is freeing and fun and has such liberation when I get to let loose; however, to function in my world I have to stifle it more than I want.

I'm learning to find a balance that brings that creative mind out more into the open.  Writing is one of my joys in life - besides the people I love so much - it is that 'thing' that fulfills me.  If you are a writer or musician or artist or anything - allow that creativeness in you to been seen/hear/felt.  We all have a creative mind for something - find your something, embrace it, and show it to the world!!

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Back to that concert from last night - Cole Swindell put on a great show!  There was no opening act, just him and his band doing their thing.  He sang his songs, hits he wrote for other artists (including Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line), and some 90s country that inspired him to move to Nashville.  If you get a chance to see him or listen to his music - do it!  He's touring solo and also has tour stops with Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney....just keeping that company alone let's you know that country music sees a big future for this rising star!!  Visit his website HERE.

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