Friday, November 20, 2015

New Space

So this week's blog is super short...less words, more photos!  My home office was a small space, roughly 7 feet by 10 feet.  With the mossy green walls, slanted ceilings, and a small window, it was more of a dark hole than a writing place for me.

I also had another room in the house, which I have written in before.  It was empty except for a rocking chair (older than me) and my son's hand weights.  I was doing a women's challenge called the #LiveMoreChallenge.  One day the challenge was to redecorate.  I took that ball and ran with it!!

So I turned the very underutilized space into my new writing room....AND I LOVE IT!!!!  I lightened the leftover paint and it's now a bit of a minty green.  I painted the horribly damaged wood floors a satin white, and I added some Goodwill purchases (The two hutches were $50 total and the desk was a $40 steal!!)!!!

This weekend I will be holed away in here with my tunes, my cinnamon candy, and the words pouring out of me....and I can't wait!  I even took Monday off of work so that I have an entire day to just get lost in writing.  Check out my new space!

Before and after!

Plenty of room to create!

hutches full of my china and back issues of Oprah mags!

My inspiration board!

I can workout with a view!

Animals testing the treadmill

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