Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tear it Down to Built it Up

It may sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes the best way to make progress is to dismantle what you have and try to reassemble the pieces to create something different.  By this point in my life, with all the false starts and do-overs I've had, I am a pro at this.  At least I'd like to think so.

The other day, while working on my current WIP, I came to the realization that I'm not very motivated to write their story at the moment because it feels flat.  Don't get me wrong, I love the story I have in store for them, but the sequence of events right now seem kind of blah.

This WIP is the second book in my Small Town Series, following Myra's best friend Lily, as she attempts to move past the friend-zone with Ty, one of Dane's best friends.  I love that though Lily is a mom to twin boys, she is still very much a girlie girl.  Even though she is a widow and raising the boys on her own, she is determined and not afraid to tackle what life brings, though she is soft she's never been a wilting flower.  I also love that though Ty had a rough start in life, it hasn't hardened his heart. I also love his loyalty, for better or worse, to his best friend (Lily's deceased husband).  I love the curve ball I throw in there, I love to rambunctiousness of the boys, I love watching the relationships all evolve to something deeper.

What don't I love - that I just feel meh about it right now.

Really it isn't the story's fault.  When I initially shelved this one, I began working on another book that was sexy and steamy and featured a hot mess trying to salvage her dignity when she has to move back home to a small town after shocking events lead her to flee Chicago.

To go from a 20 on the sex scale to a 6 has left a lot to be desired.  Realistically, relationships aren't always at 20, some never reach the 6, but it doesn't mean they aren't still great relationships.  Ty and Lily's relationship is one of trust, loyalty, and feeling truly loved.  Ty would move Heaven and Earth for Lily and the boys, he would never do anything to make her feel disrespected or degraded....he is good and wholesome and everything she thinks a man should be.  To her, his soft kisses are fire, to her his gentleness is intoxicating.

I guess in the end that is what matters, that the characters feel the connection and my job as the writer is to make sure the reader feels it too.  It's the challenge with writing romance.... people have different definitions of what it means.  Some think steam and sex, others think roses and candlelight, while others still think stability and friendship.

So the minute this blog finally posts, I will go back to the drawing board, read what I have so far, and try to see if I can reassemble it into something that feels natural and real. I owe it to Ty and Lily, I owe it to my readers who have been waiting for another book from me for over 3 years, and I owe it to myself as the creator!

I guess it is such a challenge for me to write because in reality I have struggled to find someone like Ty ... but those are my issues.

When you get to read the other WIP, with the hot mess of a woman, you will really be able to see into the kind of men I've given time too....I always warned them they would be in a romance novel, I guess I should have pointed out that it wouldn't necessarily be as the leading man, but as the bumps along the way.

I guess the point of this is to say that if you are in the middle of something and it just isn't working, you just don't feel it anymore, it's never to late to stop and take a different approach.  I've found in my life that it is in these moments that life has a way of pointing me in a better direction.

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