Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A New Journey Begins...

These last few weeks have been crazy! My son graduated, we are packing him up for college, I've got things going on with my "day job" and then I took up tarot reading a few weeks ago!

It's been very interesting to say the least.  I think once my son heads off to college next Friday, I will be keeping myself very busy with learning tarot and getting back to writing!

In the meantime, I started a YouTube channel to put out some tarot videos, it's called Aqua Empress (because I'm an Aquarius and I love love love the strong woman of the Empress card).  The channel helps me practice and I like to think the messages could be just what someone needs to hear, maybe even me! This week's is about starting a new journey and being brave enough to cut the crap and go for what you want.  The video is below!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

A Page is Turned...

This blog title has been running through my mind for weeks now.  It's actually the title of a song by Bebo Norma by the same name.

It popped into my brain about 2 weeks ago.  The night before I was on a first date with a man who's brother now owns what was once my grandmother's home.  After she passed away over a dozen years ago, he bought the house because it was next to his property and he wanted more country space.

I was telling my date this connection and about how seeing the house dilapidated and a shell of what it once was broke my heart and made me want to catch it on fire because to see it burn down would hurt less than to see the roof continue to cave in and trees to grow up and over the yard where I played as a little girl, the place where my mother and her siblings grew up.

It turns out, at that exact moment, they actually were burning the house down.  So the next morning, I drove down that familiar road to see a void where the family home once stood.  As I pulled to a stop in front of the smoldering remains, with the windows down and the smell of smoke heavy in the air, I had that song come to mind. "A page is turned, by the wind...."

I have that song on my Google Play so I put it on repeat as I drove the less than five miles back to my house.  And I thought about how a page was turning, what had once been a place full of life long ago had turned to a place of decay, and now it is a place for renewal. Turns out my date is possibly putting a house on the property as it is adjacent to his brother's current home.

And then there was the page of that first date. That's maybe another story for another time.

Then, yesterday, another page turned when my son walked across the stage and was handed his high school diploma.

All these pages ... all this turning.

It struck me that as much as I think of life as "The book of ...Amy, Jake, Ruth, (fill in your name here)", that life isn't linear like that. It's not just a new chapter. It isn't one page at a time, but multiple pages. That life isn't a book as much as a big-ass reference guide, with multiple tabs of varying section thicknesses.

There is the section of Amy the Mom, Amy the Daughter, Amy the Sister, Amy the Crazy Aunt, Amy the Worker, Amy the Significant Other, Amy's Self-Reflection, and a plethora of other sections.

Life is a turning of pages in multiple areas all at once.  Sometimes it's like the Bebo song - which is light and loving and with a sense of divined intervention. And sometimes it's turning the page more like Bob Seger - a bit gritter, dirtier, harder, more of a forceful push than a gentle flick of the wrist.

I don't know the pages anyone else is on, if it's like any of mine, there is simultaneous joy and sorrow, laughter and tears (hopefully tears of laughter), there are smiles and sighs. There are new beginnings and final exits.

But if I know anything it is that the pages do turn. Sometimes we get stuck re-reading them (also known as reliving the past), but life has it's way of pushing us forward, sometimes dancing and singing and sometimes kicking and screaming, but always moving onward.

On today's pages, there is graduation celebration with friends and family (possibly flipping back and forth in the reference guide of life as I wear hats of proud momma, party planner, family member, friend, cook, etc). Also today is a second date.

Tomorrow's pages will be different.

Sometimes it is scary to turn over a new leaf (which considering paper is made of trees, doesn't this phrase now make a little more sense?!) It's scary to think of my kid moving 2 hours from home for college, it's scary to think of opening up to someone new. It's frightening to turn the page of loved ones battling illness, it's joyous to turn the page and celebrate a new baby or a job promotion or a killer pair of heels on sale!

So wherever you are in your reference guide, whether it's a happy page or a page you wish you could rip out and burn to ash, know that we are all in the same unexpected beautiful boat.

As I look ahead in the coming months, as I adjust to being an empty-nester, of having less say in my son's life as he takes full control of his destiny, I have so many things to put on the pages (literally with writing and figuratively with life in general).

But I turn the pages with hope in my heart, a smile on my face, and a determination to make the next sections even better than the last.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

"May"be long overdue for a post!

Um...how the hell is it already May 2019?!?!

It's been a heck of a year so far.  I wish I could say I am done with the next book (Another Shot of Love), but I've been derailed and waylaid more times than I care to admit.  I'm sorting out the energy and making space to write though!

For now, here is a video I just posted to my YouTube channel to give an update on how this year has been so far.  Some hits, some misses, some growing for sure!

I promise this month I'm carving out time to write and get the LOVE IN A BAR series the ending it deserves!

I'm also going to be posting on a regular basis now, at least every 2 weeks!  So sorry to be MIA on here.  Please make sure to follow me on Instagram for the most updates!

Friday, December 21, 2018

2018 Year in Review

Before the whirlwind of last minute shopping, holiday parties, and eggnog chugging commence, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and well wishes for an amazing New Year.

2018 was more than I could have imagined it would be less than 12 months ago. I knew as the clock struck midnight that there were some big changes in store, but I really had no clue exactly what would happen or the ripple effect it would have.  It's been a very revealing year.

I won't go through the entire list of events, but if you've read anything I've posted this year, you already know the gist of it.  January I got bronchitis, which was the jumping off point to nearly 40lbs of weigh loss this year! Super excited about that and looking forward to continuing the trend in 2019.

In February, I encountered several life changing/affirming events.  There was me hitting the big 4-0 on the 8th and legally going back to my maiden name of Miller. Then my son became a legal adult on the 16th and finally got his driver's license.  A little celebrating was had for both of us.

On the 19th of February I ended a 3 1/2 year relationship. To most it seemed sudden, hell even to the ex it seemed that way, but it was a long time coming. I don't know if it was turning 40 or just hitting a wall, but I just couldn't keep on when we weren't just not on the same page, but we were in different books, different stages, of our lives. I'd hoped we could end up being friends, but that has not been the case. I knew then and I know now, not having a single moment of regret, that it was the best choice for both of us. I wish him the absolute best.

At the end of March I got a new tattoo, a saying, a motivation, for those times when I doubt myself. And Lord knows I've doubted myself enough in my life. But this year, it was getting past that, and believing in me again, believing in the power of my dreams.  The tattoo states "and still I rise" and I do, even when I want to cry, even when I want to hide....I still rise.

April through June were a bit of a fog honestly as I enjoyed single life a little too much. Several late nights and early mornings made me realize I'm no kid anymore. Even when I was a kid I was never one to go out to the bar on a regular basis or make questionable choices. Suffice to say it was a short lived wild time that I quickly reined in. Though it left some inspiration that I didn't realize I would use soon enough.

As summer unfolded I regrouped and stayed closer to home. I worked at getting my yard in order, preparing Jake to enter his senior year of high school, and just trying not to make a total hot mess of life. I bonded more with friends, reconnected with my girl squad, and really just used the time to clear my head and refocus in a way I'd only thought about over the last few years.  I ain't gonna lie, it was hard and it sucked at times, the whole calling myself on all my bullshit, but I am so glad I loved me enough to do it.

Those earlier inspirations...well one night I started writing. Then I wrote the next night and the night after that. Until to my surprise, I'd written a novella. Not only that, but I had an idea for a new series.  With some help from my editor and more elbow grease, LOVE STIRRED was released at the end of September! Within days of release it hit the top 75 on two different Amazon Best Seller lists! I never saw that coming!! It encouraged me to keep at this writing thing after all.

While soaking up the best selling goodness, I was making changes in my day job as well.  In  Mid-October I moved to a new role in my company which allows me to work from home full time! Bye bye nearly 50 minute commutes! Also hello to the nice raise I got!! It's been a challenge but also an adventure to start something new and broaden my skills. I'm so excited for the change after 10 years on the same project. It was a bittersweet, but much needed, move!

Near the end of October I made an unexpected connection. I will give no details on this blog now or ever possibly about this man. I don't know what lie ahead, but I know this much - I have been shown that good men still exist. That they can be kind, supportive, and thoughtful. And that as much as I thought I was ready to just be single, I know that with the right person, I am able to open up.  Needless to say, if this becomes anything more, or not, or when something more evolves in the romance department, I will be moving forward with a new perspective than I have ever had before. I don't have to loss myself in someone else and, in fact, being independent is attractive to some men.  

November arrived and so did the realization that my son would need ACL reconstruction surgery. Back in September he had the best/worst week when on September 17th he got accepted to college!! He'll be attending University of Northwestern Ohio starting August 2019.  A few days after his letter arrived, he was playing football under the #fridaynightlights and was injured. He had to be helped off the field. My momma heart sank for him and the pain in his face. Try as he might with physical therapy, it was determined after six weeks that only surgery could help.  So a few days before Thanksgiving, Jake went under the knife. Thankfully all went well and though he was laid up for a good week, and had crutches for another month, he is finally able to walk without help. One step at a time, one day at a time.

Which all brings us to December and the last few weeks. While helping fetch things for Jake, I also used the time to write. Just a few weeks ago, LOVE SHAKEN came out! It's the follow up to  LOVE STIRRED and the second book in the Love in a Bar series. After years of releasing nothing, I managed to get 2 books out during 2018! I didn't see that, or these books, coming at all!!  

So here I am, in the last 10 days of the year. Exhausted...yes. Exhilarated....oh definitely! Eager to see how the next 12 months unfold...you betcha!

I've decided to just enjoy these next 10 days. My work gave us all paid leave between Christmas and New Year so I will be using that time to get some writing in and look ahead at 2019. I'll scale back on social media, spend time reading and enjoying the holiday with friends and family.

This year I set 40 goals for myself.  I was a bit ambitious to say the least. I think I hit about half of them, at least I tried and made an effort on all of them. Next year I'm thinking a solid 10 goals is good.  But within those goals are smaller goals so I will still have to get out of my comfort zone.  Like the goal to travel more - with trips up north, a girls weekend away, a relaxing float down the river with family.  Or the goal to make me a priority - with healthy eating and moving my body more, dancing in public lol.  Or the goal of surviving my empty nest as Jake goes to college - finding activities to keep me busy, possibly looking at new hobbies or rediscovering old ones.

And write...of course I will be writing in 2019! I know I will be finishing the Love in a Bar series with ANOTHER SHOT AT LOVE, which I hope to get out Spring 2019. Then I am going to go back to the Small Town series and get the second book for that done and out. And I think I may even try to write the final book in the California Dreamin' series too.  Have no fear, 2020 will have new series to release and even more events in life!

For now, I thank you to those who have been viewing this journey of mine. To those who have been here since the beginning and to those new arrivals...thank you. My sincere hope is that your holiday season be full of love and laughter, that you look to the future with joy and hope, and that you enjoy peace in this moment.

See you in 2019!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Last day to save on LOVE SHAKEN

I can't believe LOVE SHAKEN has already been out almost a week! If you haven't already downloaded your copy of the ebook, today is the last day to get it at the low introductory rate of just 99 cents! 

LOVE SHAKEN catches Lauren Dunlap on a night in her life where life is all out of sorts. From a brief encounter with her new man to a few hours of passion with her estranged husband....in the morning she is a mess, to say the least. How will her choices of one night affect her life? Will she rekindle her marriage to Trevor? Will she really close the door to Colin?

You will have to wait until ANOTHER SHOT AT LOVE comes out in the Spring 2019 to find out!  But for now, get caught up by clicking the title ---> LOVE SHAKEN

Also, here's the book's short description in case you want a little more info:

Lauren Dunlap needed a night out, away from the house and her impending divorce. After meeting her best friend for drinks, their night takes a series of turns neither saw coming. LOVE SHAKEN is Lauren's account of the evening's events.

From dealing with Colin, the new man in her life, to tension - and passion - boiling over with Trevor, her estranged husband of fifteen years, Lauren will never forget this night. The question is: will her world look different in the morning once the flames of desire are nothing more than embers?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Just in time for Christmas...Love Shaken is officially available!

It's FINALLY here!!! LOVE SHAKEN is officially available, exclusively on Amazon for Kindle! From now until December 14th, you can download your copy for just 99 cents!

Here is the book description:

Lauren Dunlap needed a night out, away from the house and her impending divorce. After meeting her best friend for drinks, their night takes a series of turns neither saw coming. LOVE SHAKEN is Lauren's account of the evening's events.

From dealing with Colin, the new man in her life, to tension - and passion - boiling over with Trevor, her estranged husband of fifteen years, Lauren will never forget this night. The question is: will her world look different in the morning once the flames of desire are nothing more than embers?

LOVE SHAKEN is the second novella in the LOVE IN A BAR series. Learn more about Kate's night of passion with a younger man in the first book of the series, LOVE STIRRED, available exclusively on Amazon.

What will happen when Lauren and Kate have to deal with the aftermath of one night in their lives? Will they get their happily ever after or will they have to redefine what that means to each of them?

Find out how their stories end, check out the conclusion of the LOVE IN A BAR series, ANOTHER SHOT AT LOVE, available Spring 2019!


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to take a few minutes before I get to all my pie baking for today and give thanks for all of you! I am truly blessed to have such great fans!  Your love and support along this writing journey has helped me through some pretty rough patches.  As a special THANK YOU I've got a big sale for you!!!


Starting at 11am EST TODAY and going through until 8am EST on Sunday all my books will be
 on sale!!

Normally $2.99-$4.99, all books will be just #99cents each through 11pm EST Friday night!! On Saturday they will be $1.99 -$2.99 <-- still a great savings!

At 8am EST Sunday, they are back to regular prices....so if you haven't gotten your ebooks yet, now is a great time! You can get them all read and be ready for the release of LOVE SHAKEN in a few weeks!! 

Just CLICK HERE to go to my Amazon Author page to get the links to all the books! 

This year has been amazing with the release of LOVE STIRRED and I'm excited to be ending the year with another book release just weeks away! 

  LOVE SHAKEN went to the editor last night! Now I wait for her masterful skills to help me fine tune this latest book for all of you. But there is no rest really, I mean today I will rest with family and friends and a boatload of turkey and pies. Friday, well that's when I get busy. First I have to put up all my Christmas decor, while jamming out to Kenny and Dolly's Once Upon a Christmas because...well it's tradition! Then I will be back in front of my laptop and working on ANOTHER SHOT AT LOVE the last in the LOVE IN A BAR series! I can't wait to dive in and write "the rest of the story" for Kate and Lauren! I think you will all be surprised with what is to come...at the very least I hope you find it entertaining!!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Reading!! 

As always.....

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A New Journey Begins...

These last few weeks have been crazy! My son graduated, we are packing him up for college, I've got things going on with my "day jo...