Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oh How Time Flies!

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It wasn't until I was really doing the math a few months ago that I realized it's been 5 (FIVE!!!!) whole years since I released my second book, TAKING CHANCES!  How did time fly so fast?!

I decided to stroll down that Memory Lane, not just for fun, but also because I'm working on the second book in the series, LOVE TAKE ME DOWN.  I had to revisit my old friend Myra, her hunky man Dane, and their group of friends...which happen to include the leading stars of book 2. 

This time around, love takes aim at Lily and Ty.  Honestly, I struggled with writing their story at the beginning, it's been nearly 3 years now that I've been on-again, off-again with their Happily Ever After. But they keep calling to me, showing me snippets and scenes in the strangest of times (like pulling weeds).  Last November I decided an entire rewrite was in order.  Now this November I will be working to put the finishing touches on the first final final draft....lol.  Their story, of how two mischievous twin boys conspire with their wrestling coach to find their mom love, is funny, sweet, has enough drama to rival any reality show, and ends just about as perfect as a warm summer night sitting on the porch swing, drinking sweet tea and watching cars pass by.  What I mean to say is it's a perfect small-town ending!

But before I give away any details on that story, lets go back to this TAKING CHANCES 5th anniversary!!

While reading the book, and having it read to me through Microsoft's handy Read Aloud tool, I fixed the errors I could find, made time lines a little clearer, and just spruced it up a teensy bit, not taking away from the story at all.  If I really dove back in like I considered, I think the story would have been very different.  And honestly, I love Myra and Dane's story.  Partially  because it is vaguely based on a past experience, but also because it reminded me of the Amy I was when I wrote it...with a drive and determination like Myra's. 

After I finished the book the other day, I decided not only was I going to show love to the inside, but I was going to revamp the cover.  So, here it is...the 5th Anniversary cover for TAKING CHANCES!

Also, to celebrate 5 years, I am recommissioning the paperback version, which is being released on Amazon tomorrow for $8.99!!!!  For now, if you'd like the eBook (in a variety of formats, check out the book on SMASHWORDS by clicking the cover photo above and using code: PM84M  for 50% off!!!  

Sale special is for the next 5 days....so grab it now because the savings will disappear on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

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